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For over 40 years, Menchhofer Tree Care has specialized in providing professional tree service to Indianapolis. Dedicated to the trees and plant life of the Indiana capital, we offer the best tree removal and trimming techniques, most effective pest control, and budget-friendly services.

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Our Spider Lift will protect your lawn

Menchhofer Tree Care specializes in Indianapolis tree removal for residential and commercial customers. Whether you need to remove a tree for practical or aesthetic reasons, we’re here to help. We also trim trees to remove unwanted limbs, prune trees to encourage growth, remove stumps with a stump grinder, and install landscaping, remove snow in the winter, and much more.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest in tree service technology, including Spider Lifts to access hard to reach areas. This relatively light-weight machine is easily maneuverable, and doesn't tear up your yard the way other Indy tree care companies' heavy equipment may. Our Spider Lift eliminates the need to climb most trees, making tree care, removal, pruning, and trimming safer and faster.

Our certified arborists ensure your trees receive the best care possible from pruning to total removals. We offer plant health care services including insect and disease control and risk assessments using the latest scientific research and application techniques.

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Menchhofer Tree Care is one of the most experienced tree service companies in the Indy area.  For over 40 years, we've been helping our customers keep their homes and businesses safe, healthy, beautiful, and clean. Your trees are our passion, and we can prune trees to encourage growth, prevent tree diseases and insect infestations, including the destructive Emerald Ash Borer, and, yes, when the time comes, we can safely and efficiently cut down a tree, remove the tree stump, and clean up the debris when it's time to say goodbye.

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