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spider-lift-menchhoferMenchhofer Tree Care employs the latest in tree service technology, including a Spider Lift to access hard to reach areas. Perhaps best of all - this lighter-weight machine is easily maneuverable, and doesn't rut up your yard the way other Indy tree care companies may. Our spiderlift almost eliminates climbing trees, making tree care, removal, pruning & trimming safer, faster and in some cases less expensive to you the consumer.

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For 35 years, Menchhofer Tree Care has been specializing in Indianapolis tree services. Dedicated to the trees and plant life of the state capital, employees are constantly updating their repertoires to offer the most current tree pruning techniques, most effective pesticides and budget-friendly services.

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"The bitterness of Poor Quality remains long after the sweetness of Low Price is forgotten."

Professional Tree Removal

Menchhofer Tree Care specializes in Indianapolis tree removal for residential and commercial customers. Whether you want to remove a tree for practical or aesthetical reasons, we’re here to help.

The first step is to contact Menchhofer Tree Care for your free estimate: (317) 661-4240

Next, we’ll schedule a time for us to come out and inspect the potential job site. It’s critical for us to assess your tree(s) in person, and to discuss all of your possible service options with you in order to deliver the most accurate bid possible.

Should you accept our bid, we will schedule a time that works best with your schedule for our ISA Certified team to visit your home or business and remove your tree (or trees).

A short list of just a few of the things we will discuss on your potential tree removal job site in Indy:

  • The expected cost of your tree removal.
  • The type of equipment we will use in order to safely perform the removal.
  • The time we expect for your service to take.

Our tree removal arborist in Indianapolis has been providing this service to Indy customers over the past 35 years, and we pride ourselves in building a family of happy customers. We hope you’ll be next!

Indy Tree Trimming & Pruning

tree trimming in indianapolis, in

Our next primary service offering is Indianapolis tree trimming. Our tree pruning team has been focused on providing the highest quality work in the Indy area for the better part of the past 3 decades.

Your first step is to simply call Menchhofer for a free estimate on your tree trimming needs: (317) 661-4240

Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll go over our pruning service options and visit your residence or business to assess your trees. We will prepare a quote for the work same-day.

We strive to make sure you have every bit of information you need to make a decision on using us or otherwise for your tree trimming needs. Our team at Menchhofer Tree Care works hard at answering all of your questions before we even begin trimming your trees.

Important: we believe it is important to protect the individual tree as well as the community in general.

As a result, Menchhofer tree care follows ANSI A300 Pruning Standards for every tree we trim. Our goal is for you (or anybody else) to never be able to tell your tree(s) were pruned.


An improperly trimmed tree is extremely noticeable in almost all cases. Proper pruning is not.

Certified Arborists

tree-service-indianapolis-inArborists employed by Menchhofer Tree Care are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

In order to receive certification, the organization requires arborists to have three years of full-time practical experience or a bachelor’s degree in arboriculture, horticulture, landscape architecture or forestry from an accredited university. All candidates must also qualify for and pass the ISA examination.

Employed by the most dangerous profession in North America, certified arborists provide many tree services, including diagnostics and treatments, an understanding of tree biology, tree and shrub nutritional requirements, and hazard identification. We are also able to recommend the best species for individual landscapes.

Emerald Ash Borer

The tiny beetle, known as the emerald ash borer (EAB), is typically ½ inch in length during adulthood, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation. Although the adult beetles feed upon the leaves of ash trees, it is the larva that concerns arborists. During the larval stage, EAB feeds on the tree’s inner bark, which interrupts water and nutrient transport. Most trees die within two to four years after infestation.

Residents of Indianapolis should be concerned with EAB. The first case of EAB in Indiana was confirmed in the spring of 2004. This pest can find a home in a variety of ash species, including green, white, black and blue ash. Menchhofer Tree Care is dedicated to protecting Indianapolis against EAB. The beetle does not fly far from the tree from which it hatches. The most common way the insect spreads is through ash transportation.

tree removal in indianapolis, in

Indianapolis, Indiana is home to the largest single-day sporting event in the world, the Indianapolis 500. Beyond the track’s 253 acres, lie the city’s urban forest and the Indianapolis Zoo’s botanical garden. We are proud to call this wonderful place home, and we are determined to provide the best possible tree services for the Indy community.

Menchhofer Tree Care is proud to serve all of Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding areas, including the following zip codes: 46201, 46203, 46205, 46208, 46214, 46220, 46222, 46224, 46226 and 46227, and many more.

Contact our office today for hazard assessments, tree pruning, removal, stump grinding and pest control. Our certified arborists will provide homeowners with professional consultations, which are designed to preserve the life and beauty of the trees in Indianapolis’ urban forest.