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7 Places to Get Hardscaping in Indianapolis

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At Menchhofer Tree Care, we take care of the organic parts of your yard. However, we realize that those parts aren’t the only things that you need to get a beautiful space. You need hardscaping. Hardscaping is anything that is comprised of cement, wood, stones, or a combination of them.

These Indianapolis hardscaping businesses are the best of the best when it comes to getting you absolutely gorgeous spaces. They can do ornamental design, like ponds or statues, or they can build you a driveway or walkway that is extremely safe.

If you are looking for any type of hardscaping to make your yard better, try these businesses:

1. Allscape

Credit: Allscape
Credit: Allscape

Allscape is probably one of the first businesses that come to mind when you think about hardscaping. They are a fairly well known name in the Indianapolis area, and with good reason. They do a lot of different jobs, including entrances, steps, driveways, parking lots, seating walls, walkways, edging, patios and decks.

Using only the best materials, they will build you a yard that you can be proud of and that will last you for a long time.

The team at Allscape is filled with people who are not only knowledgeable about building back yards, but they are also passionate about building a beautiful place for you to live.

2. Cutting Edge Hardscapes

Outdoor kitchens are quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor hardscaping items. This is because they are

Credit: Cutting Edge
Credit: Cutting Edge

convenient and more affordable than many people think. While they are a luxury, they are also affordable for many families.

At Cutting Edge Hardscapes, they build absolutely gorgeous outdoor kitchens that you can use for more than grilling. You can have pizza ovens, stove tops, and even a refrigerator if you wish. They build everything from scratch, including the plans, so you don’t have to worry about trying to fit something into your yard.

Cutting Edge also does a ton of other outdoor hardscaping items, so give their gallery a look and make the call today.

3. Lemcke Hardscaping

Credit: Lemcke
Credit: Lemcke

Safety is a consideration in any yard, but it is especially important for people who are elderly and/or have trouble moving around their yards. You don’t have to cut off that part of the home. Instead, you can get hardscaping that helps you traverse your yard.

Lemcke Hardscaping builds ramps, stairs, pathways, and even bridges in your yard so that travelling around isn’t a problem anymore. Their work is so smooth and level that walkers and wheelchairs can easily get around even the bumpiest of yards.

Don’t become a prisoner to your own home, if you don’t have to, and you don’t, if Lemcke has anything to say about it.

4. Country Garden Hardscaping

Rock gardens aren’t something that many people think about, but they can be absolutely gorgeous additions to your

Credit: Country Gardens
Credit: Country Gardens

yard. They add depth, color, and style to your yard without adding a ton of extra work. Country Garden Hardscaping is one of the best possible options for rock garden installation in Indianapolis.

You get the control with Country Garden, you can choose the space, the size, the rocks, the scope, the budget, and even the time of installation.

Consider a rock garden or other hardscaping from this company if you want designs that have just a little bit of luxury to them. They can also build you beautiful pool edges, pergolas, kitchens, and fire elements.

5. Greenscapes

Credit: Greenscapes
Credit: Greenscapes

Too many people in the Indianapolis area say that they can’t put gardens in because of the shape or slope of their yards. This isn’t strictly true.

If you want a garden, contact Greenscapes and ask them about the retaining walls that they can create. Unlike other hardscaping companies, they will build smaller walls that can add garden space to your yard. They use natural looking bricks or stones to create something that isn’t jarring, but will also stand the test of time.

Greenscapes has knowledgeable employees that understand physics and building techniques, and how they can help each other.

One of the beautiful parts about Greenscapes is that they know how to work with nature and color, while still reducing the amount of waste and pollutants.

6.  All Seasons Indy

If you already have hardscaping, but it is looking a little rough, then you need to find a company that will work on

Credit: All Seasons Indy
Credit: All Seasons Indy

what is already there, instead of simply replacing it and making themselves a profit.

All Seasons Indy works with what is already there to repair it, add to it, and make it live again. This is a critical way to save money on your yard maintenance, but still get something gorgeous.

All Seasons Indy will work with you to develop something great, whether you want to do it so that you can have a space to live, or as a way to improve the curb appeal for sale.

7. Extreme Hardscapes

Credit: Extreme Hardscaping
Credit: Extreme Hardscaping

If you have a really big job to do, Extreme Hardscapes might be the way to go. They completely renovate your yard and use a lot of tools to create absolutely gorgeous outdoor spaces that you will want to spend a lot of time enjoying.

Their goal is to help you create an outdoor space that fits in with your dream yard. They will listen to you and craft something that has all of the key parts while still sticking to your budget.

One thing that they do extremely well is to build fire elements that are safe, effective, long lasting, and gorgeous. You’d be hard pressed to find another company that can deliver all of that.

Keep Everything Beautiful

Before you get your dream yard, you will likely have to do some clearing. Menchhofer Tree Care can help you remove trees, stumps, and roots that are blocking the pathway for your hardscaping.

Once you’ve had hardscaping done, the key is to then keep it beautiful. Trees that aren’t trimmed property or that fall can do severe damage. We can help you there as well by keeping everything in line.

Give us a call today, no matter what stage of the hardscaping plan you are in, and we can help you preserve your investment into your outdoor space.

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