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7 Places for Patio Decor & Furniture in Indianapolis

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A great investment for the beauty of any yard and the outdoor area is definitely a great collection of patio furniture. Patio furniture brings the comfort of inside seating to the outside by taking similar elements but waterproofing them so that they won’t get damaged.

The best patio furniture is resistant to fading, water damage, staining, and other things that you wish your indoor furniture was resistant to. However, not all outdoor furniture provides all of those benefits. If you buy low-quality furniture, you will have to spend more money the next year to replace the fabric elements, get things professionally cleaned, or even to buy all new furniture.

Avoid doing that and buy at these businesses instead:

1. Wicker Works of Brownsburg

Credit: Wicker Works
Credit: Wicker Works

When you think of outdoor furniture, wicker is probably one of the first things you picture, and with good reason. Wicker is lightweight, easy to clean, stands up to the elements, and is really easy to piece together for people who don’t want to splurge on a whole set.

Wicker Works of Brownsburg is one of the best local resources for wicker, especially for people who want something a little out of the ordinary. Their furniture is known and recognized for its excellence, including having been seen at the “Home Show, the Flower and Patio Show, Indy Home and Garden Show, Dream Home, Home-A-Rama, Orchard in Bloom and the St. Margaret’s Guild Decorator’s Show House.”

They are really knowledgeable about their products and will take all the time you need to really work with you through this process. Their customer service is out of this world.

2. Especially Wicker

Credit: Especially Wicker
Credit: Especially Wicker

If you need more customized wicker furniture, Especially Wicker might be the place to look. They explain it best: “In business for over twenty-five years, we specialize in high-end patio furniture.  We now additionally carry all types and styles of furniture, indoor, outdoor, contemporary, traditional, wicker, non-wicker, you really won’t believe the variety. ”

They will also help you with the design process so that you can have something that is uniquely yours. If you are looking for world class wicker, this is definitely a great place to start (or end) your search.

3. Duncan’s Fireplace and Patio Center

Credit: Duncan's
Credit: Duncan’s

For a patio that is a little bit more upscale or unique, Duncan’s Fireplace and Patio Center has been one of the best resources for the Indianapolis area since 1977. Their team is extremely educated about their products, making it really easy to get in, get what you want, and get home to actually use it. This is no muss, no fuss shopping – unless you want to shop around.

Duncan’s works with a lot of custom firepits and other pieces of furniture so that if you need something special or you have special requirements, they are probably some of the best people to work with in the area.

4. Leland’s Patio Direct

Credit: Leland's
Credit: Leland’s

One of the most forgotten pieces of patio furniture is the umbrella. Umbrellas are great because they provide shade, eliminate overhead glare, and they add a more tropical feeling to your outdoor area.

Leland’s Patio Direct has tons of options for patio furniture, including some great choices for umbrellas and other resort like furniture. Even though the furniture is a little more fun, they definitely still give you high-quality furniture that will last you a long time without looking ragged.

Even if you aren’t in the market for new furniture right now, make sure to keep an eye on their website because they sometimes have a ton of sale items or special events that will help make your new patio furniture all that much more affordable.

5. Family Leisure

Credit: Family Lesiure
Credit: Family Leisure

For a long time, Family Leisure has been one of the area’s favorite stores for all things outdoor. They have a super large collection of patio furniture and accessories that will make your outdoor area pop. There are quite a few stores within the Family Leisure family, so they have deep reserves of the things that you want.

Even better, they have many different areas of outdoor living that they serve, so you won’t just find wicker furniture to sit in. No, you will find outdoor bars, tables, games, and even more that you didn’t even know you could put outside.

If you are looking for a patio that is more for living and not just sitting, give this place a try.

6. Godby Hearth & Home

Credit: Godby
Credit: Godby

No matter what you are looking for, Godby Hearth and Home probably has it in stock. They have so much merchandise at their disposal that at times it seems unreal. When you go to their location, they can show you physical pieces or use their virtual showroom to give you access to even more. Of course, they use all of the latest technology to really bring it all home.

Even better, they have an overstock section where you can get some great deals if you are just looking for a piece or two to add to your collection.

Their team is filled with great people who really want you to find something that is absolutely perfect. You are able to personalize what you get as well, with tons of different finishes, colors, and fabrics.

7. Patio Furniture Restorations

Credit: Patio Furniture Restorations
Credit: Patio Furniture Restorations

If you really love your patio furniture and don’t want to get rid of it, but it is definitely a little worse for the wear, Patio Furniture Restorations might be able to help you out. They take your old, broken down and sun bleached furniture and restore it to a newer, more beautiful look.

They can also take things that you have sitting around and paint them, making them more beautiful to put on your patio – like older or antique toys, trunks, or tables. You’d be surprised how great something can look with a little TLC.

Of course, they are also honest with you if you have furniture that just cannot be salvaged. This makes them one of the most trustworthy companies in the Indianapolis area.

Keep Your Furniture Looking New

It doesn’t really matter if you buy the highest quality furniture if you don’t take care of it. In the end, one of the best ways to take care of your furniture is to remove the elements that can do damage. Trees are the singular item in your yard that can make or break your lawn furniture. Sap, bird dirt, fallen leaves, infestations, and broken branches are all kryptonite for patio furniture.

At Menchhofer Tree Care,  we perform all fo the tree services that you require to keep your furniture and everything else in your yard free from the perils of having a tree in your yard. We can also help to create areas of your yard where patio furnishings will look great with the help of our landscaping services.

No matter what you need, give us a call today and we can help you out.

Header photo courtesy of Susanne Nilsson on Flickr!

Menchhofer Tree Care

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Steve Menchhofer has been caring for the trees of the Indianapolis, Indiana metro area for over 40 years. Steve and his team of experienced, certified arborists are members of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Indiana Arborist Association.

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