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8 Florists in Indianapolis For Your Valentine’s Day

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When you think about Valentine’s Day, you think about all of the traditional gifts: candies, stuffed animals, and of course, flowers. Flowers are a beautiful addition to any gift because they add color, romance, scent, and thoughtfulness. However, that is only true if you put some thought into those flowers. Anyone can go get a premade bouquet from a local pharmacy or grocery store.

This year, consider going to a local Indianapolis florist that will help you create a special bouquet. By going to a professional, you will get an arrangement that is beautiful, long lasting, smells better, and has the thought behind it. Plus, everyone feels special getting a bouquet at work or waking up to one on the table.

1. Gillespie Florists

Credit: Gillespie

If you are looking for a bouquet that is more modernized and looks a little unique compared to some of the more traditional floral arrangement options, consider heading to Gillespie Florists. While they of course have the traditional options that you know and love, they also do some more unique designs that will awe and astound you.

Take a look at their website and you will see new arrangement styles, unique flowers, and even a few additions that you may not have thought about before. Be sure to look at some of their unique vases – especially the Mustang one.

Candy, stuffed animals, jewelry, whatever says Valentine’s Day to you can be added to an arrangement.

2. Shadeland Flowershop

A full service florist since 1963, the team at Shadeland Flowershop creates arrangements that are more in the

Credit: Shadeland

traditional Valentine’s Day feel. They use many different shades of reds, whites, and pinks to show your beloved just how much you care. This is a favored location among many people because their system allows you to do what you want – whether you want a smaller arrangement that is sweet or you want something that is a little more over the top.

This is a team that works really hard to ensure that you Valentine’s Day is special – they work long hours and push themselves to get better and better at what they do. Even better, the arrangements come just as they said they would: the person who receives them just has to find a place to put them and enjoy.

3. George Thomas Florist

Credit: George Thomas

George Thomas Florist has a wide range of flowers that have been imported from Europe’s most famous flower auctions as well as connections in the West Coast and South America. They use local sources as well. No matter when you order flowers from them, the team at George Thomas Florist will provide you with the freshest and finest flowers available.

The team gets new flowers every day so that they are crisp and fragrant, making your bouquet last longer and stay fresher than others. They are expertly treated and stored to ensure that longevity.

This is a team with some of the most creative and talented individuals, ensuring that you get an artfully blended assortment of flowers and not just a few stems thrown together.

 4. Bokay Florist

Bokay Florist is one of the leader flower shops in Indianapolis because of their wide assortment of Valentine’s Day

Credit: Bokay

flowers and Valentine’s Day gifts that they have to offer. All of their arrangements are artfully designed and last for a long time. Even better, they are members of the FTD florist network so that you can order flowers in Indianapolis that will go anywhere across the country – great for those in long distance relationships.

This team takes “pride in delivering the freshest floral arrangements, plants and gift baskets to our customers. All our floral arrangements are artistically arranged in a vase and hand-delivered to the recipient.” All of the flowers they use are of the highest quality and are hand delivered to the recipient for a personal touch.

5. Eagledale Florist

Credit: Eagledale

With a motto from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Earth laughs in flowers….,” the team at Eagledale Florist focuses on embracing and enhancing the natural beauty of flowers and the feelings they can show. They have done this since the shop was started in 1958 and continue to do it now that it is owned by the 3rd generation of the Kirk family.

If you aren’t sure what you want to send, you might want to start here. Their team will take the time to help you understand the meanings behind flowers, how they can be designed, and even the best presentation. Their designs range from traditional to modern and exciting.

Even better, if you are looking for a bouquet that will never die, they do exquisite work with silk designs.

6. McNamara’s Flowers

Credit: McNamara’s

Founded in 1954 by Robert and Richard McNamara, McNamara’s Flowers has grown over the years into a multiple-location franchise that is still locally owned. They’ve also partnered with FTD to provide more options to customers as well as have a smooth and simple online ordering system. Bob became so respected in the industry that he was  elected to FTD’s Board of Directors and eventually held the offices of President and Chairman of the Board.

They value all of the same things that have grown the company: integrity, business ethics, and respect for customers. This is why the brand has grown so much and people to continue to go here to get flowers.

Even better, they are currently ranked in the “Top 20” by FTD in the US and Canada.

7. Oberer’s Flowers

Credit: Oberer’s

Whether you want to give traditional roses, something new a different, or a plant that will stay around for a long time, Oberer’s Flowers in Indianapolis has been a great choice for telling someone how much you really care. They even create fruit baskets if your loved one isn’t a fan of flowers.

If you want to create your own arrangement, you can pick up some flowers from their “Flower Market” to create something beautiful

They have quite a few locations all over the Indianapolis area, so you are able to pick and choose which one you want to go to, and it allows them to handle rush orders and produce more as the biggest holiday of the season approaches.

8. Steve’s Flowers

Credit: Steve’s

Steve’s Flowers is one of the most popular local florists in Indianapolis because they work with many other local companies to provide interesting and unique arrangements. They’ll work with local bakers, craftsmen, and even jewelers to give you arrangements that are more than just flowers.

Steve’s Flowers was founded in 1973 by Steve and Linda Huth. When in college, Steve found his love for working in a flower shop and dreamed about opening his own. Now, he has his own shop, “greenhouse, card and gift display area, design room, plant department, and a large receiving and delivery area, he supplies his customers with exceptional service and a comfortable setting for shopping and browsing.”

If you are in a hurry, you can even order online. Of course, going in will allow you to get the full experience.

Menchhofer Tree Care

What if you want to give something to your loved one that is a little more permanent? At Menchhofer Tree Care, we do landscaping installation that will keep flowers and greenery in your yard for months at at time – lasting far longer than any bouquet. Think of how much your significant other will appreciate that as a Valentine’s Day gift. That person will be able to work with our team of designers so you don’t even have to guess at which flower is his or her favorite.

It is never too early to start planning for the spring months, so consider giving our services for this holiday – it is something the entire family can enjoy.

Header photo courtesy of advencap on Flickr!

Menchhofer Tree Care

About Steve Menchhofer

Steve Menchhofer has been caring for the trees of the Indianapolis, Indiana metro area for over 40 years. Steve and his team of experienced, certified arborists are members of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Indiana Arborist Association.

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