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8 Places to Buy a Christmas Tree in Indianapolis



With Christmas right around the corner, you are probably already trying to figure out where you can buy your tree this year. Getting a Christmas tree doesn’t have to seem like a chore. In fact, we are lucky enough to have a lot of opportunities in Indianapolis to make it more of an experience for everyone.

Instead of going to pick out your Christmas tree in a parking lot, you can go cut your own tree down on a farm. This will allow you to not only get the freshest possible tree, but you will also get to show your children about nature and hard work.

To get this type of experience, check out these locations in Indianapolis:

1. Dull’s Tree Farm

Credit: Dull's
Credit: Dull’s

One of the favorite Christmas tree locations for the Indianapolis area, Dull’s Tree Farm is a mid-1800s era farmstead that has 40 acres of six different types of trees. They have Scotch pine, White pine and Canaan fir available for you to harvest as well as other types that are already cut.

Even better, they already have fragrant handmade wreaths that beat the plastic wreaths in looks, feel, and smell. These wreaths can then be custom made to fit your style. The custom garlands will be perfect for houses of any size and you can specially order them.

Their trees vary in size, so you don’t have to go looking somewhere else. If you are looking for some fun for your children, there are farm animals, a playground, and some sweet treats.

2. Stoneycreek Farm

Cutting down your own Christmas tree at Stoneycreek Farm is a tradition that has been passed down from

Credit: Stoneycreek
Credit: Stoneycreek

generation to generation. This year, they will have a few different kinds of trees available, including Canaan Fir, White Pine, Scotch Pine, and Norway Spruces. If you don’t want to cut down your own tree, you can find freshly cut Fraser Firs, wreaths, garlands, kissing balls, and poinsettias. If you want a grave blanket, you can specially order one, but do so quickly.

They even have a gift shop where you can do some of your Christmas shopping.

There are hayrides out to the trees that kids will love and we provide you with a handsaw if you don’t have one to bring.

3. Spencer Farms

Credit: Spencer
Credit: Spencer

If cutting down your own tree doesn’t seem like something you want to do, you can find your tree at Spencer Farms. They have a lot of freshly cut trees so that you can get all of the perks of a freshly cut tree, including the smell and longer life, without any of the responsibilities of cutting it down.

Even though you aren’t cutting them down, you will be reassured knowing that all of the trees grow in Indiana. The trees will be netted, shaken, and secured to your vehicle by the team so that you can avoid problems.

Of course, they also have garlands and wreaths for your celebration.

4. Piney Acres

Piney Acres farm has been owned since 1999 by Rex and Janice Zenor. Rex always loved tree farms and eventually

Credit: Piney Acres
Credit: Piney Acres

took his love and turned into a passion and a career. Now, they make the season just a little brighter and better.

They love to see the families enjoying themselves and making Christmas memories. The 73-acre farm is a playground for families who want to have a hands-on experience outside.

They offer up all of the traditional greenery as well as some sweet treats and some fantastic gifts. Shopping here also gives you another great bonus: they support the charity Trees for Troops.

5. Brawner’s Greenhouse

Credit: Brawners
Credit: Brawner’s

Brawner’s Greenhouse is a yearly tradition for many families. According to their website, they plant 4,000 poinsettias every year to prepare for the holiday season, which is why their flowers are in so many houses each year. The day after Thanksgiving, they open their doors with the custom wreaths, swags, containers, poinsettias, and pre-cut trees. They sell Scotch Pines and White Pines.

Every year they also have visits with Santa Claus for free. You are able to have your child meet Santa and take a picture with him. This year, visits are November 28th & 29th and December 5th & 6th from Noon-3AM.

6. Evans Whispering Pines Christmas Tree Farm

Evans Whispering Pines Christmas Tree Farm has been selling Christmas trees since 1989 and growing them since

Credit: Evan's
Credit: Evans

1983, so they know their way around a Christmas tree. Now they have over 90 acres of trees and a lot of memories. Their trees are Scotch or White Pine, Norway Spruce, or Canaan Fir available in the fields. They will take you there on a hayride and give you a saw to cut the tree down. If you don’t want to cut the tree, you can pick pre-cut Frasier, Douglas, Balsam and Noble Firs.

Once you select your tree, it will be shaken to remove dead needles, drilled for center stands, and free assistance tying it to your car. Children will get a coloring book and a candy cane.

They are a full service “choose and cut” farm that also has pygmy goats, Macey the Pony, and Buddy the miniature Donkey, all of which are favorites of children.

7. Lost Forty Tree Farm

Credit: Lost Forty
Credit: Lost Forty

All of the trees sold on the Lost Forty Christmas Tree Farm are grown right there. This means that the staff knows each tree and hand tends to them, ensuring their quality. You go through and pick your own tree and cut it down, though they are more than willing to help you pick the best one. Choose from a selection of pines, firs, and spruce.

Then they shake the tree, wrap it up, and help you put it on your car. After that, they will give you information about how to take care of your tree.

Children love to come to Lost Forty Tree Farm because they get a free candy cane and hot chocolate, which always makes the experience a little sweeter.

8. Clearview Family Tree Farm

While some people might find Christmas tree shopping to be stressful, that won’t be the case at Clearview Family

Credit: Clearview
Credit: Clearview

Tree Farm. You will be able to relax and experience all of the joys of Christmas, including sweets, hot drinks, and maybe even “Lora’s Christmas in a Cup,” a spiced  cider. Some days, Santa has been known to stroll around the grounds.

Choose from their  “cut and carry” trees, including Scotch Pine, White Pine, Norway Spruce, and Blue Spruce.

According to their website, “Fresh greenery items such as swags, wreaths, centerpieces, hanging baskets and grave saddles filled with a variety of greens and decorated with hand made bows  and dried accents are made daily at the farm – ongoing demonstrations of wreath  making provided throughout the weekend.”

Menchhofer Tree Care Will Help You Prepare

Even better, we can spot problematic areas that could put a damper on your holiday celebrations. We don’t want a falling branch or a dying tree bring down your celebrations. We’ll give you a free estimate for whatever work you need and we can give you advice on what needs to be attended to now and what can wait.
When the holidays come, people will come with them. This means that you have to keep the outside (and inside) of your home in the best shape. Chances are, you’ve probably neglected your trees and shrubs while raking your leaves. If that is the case, give Menchhofer Tree Care a call. We will help shape your bushes, trim your trees, and generally look after the health of the greenery in your yard.

Header photo courtesy of Daniel Timm on Flickr!

Menchhofer Tree Care

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