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8 Places in Indianapolis to Shop for Spring Planting

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Spring planting is right around the corner, and that means that you should get ready to buy trees, plants, vines, shrubs, and just about anything else that will grow in your yard. Especially in the Indianapolis area, it is critical that you buy quality plants that give you the best chance for successful planting and a beautiful yard.

If none of this is interesting to you, make sure you check out the paragraph at the bottom of the article.

While Indianapolis is full of great resources for spring planting, here are our favorites:

1. Allisonville Garden & Home

Credit: Allisonville
Credit: Allisonville

If you are looking for something a little more upscale or beautiful, Allisonville Nursery is absolutely the place to go. Located in Fisher, Indiana, Allisonville has a large selection of plants, trees, shrubs, and other outdoor living options. They offer a ton of other services, but their plants are some of the best.

Check out their selection on their website and see what they have. You’ll see plants and trees from seedlings to full grown plants.

Make sure to also check their option of warranty for their plants, as it is an extremely good warranty for the Indianapolis area.

2. Altum’s Horticultural Center & Gardens

Credit: Altum's
Credit: Altum’s

Altum’s is a great resource for anyone who wants to have a more fantastic yard. Their website is absolutely loaded with lots of information and “How To” guides for planting just about anything in your yard. They also sell a ton of stuff on their website, including plants and trees to order.

However, going to Altum’s, which is located in Zionsville, is another experience entirely. You are surrounded by gorgeous plants, amazing yard ornaments, and a ton of other options. They even offer planting services!

3. Court’s Yard & Greenhouse


Credit: Court's
Credit: Court’s

Open seasonally, Court’s Yard & Greenhouse is another resource for springtime plants. Open seasonally, this greenhouse definitely has a more family feel than almost any other nursery we have come across. They are extremely friendly and willing to work with you on your own yard. This is a great resource if you have children and want to find plants that are going to stand up to them.

Even more, they have some really exotic flowers from time to time that will ensure your yard doesn’t look “cookie cutter” – a complaint people say all the time.

Make sure to check out their Facebook page as well (linked above), because they answer a ton of questions about their inventory, specific plants, hours, and more.

4. Eagle Creek Nursery

Credit: Eagle Creek
Credit: Eagle Creek


Eagle Creek has a ton of different options for what you want to buy for your yard, including: landscaping plants,

house plants, hardwood mulch, stone mulch, landscaping stones, stepping stones, fountains, planters, pottery, grass seed, fertilizers, garden tools, and lawn ornaments. Everything they have is extremely high quality and much of it is given a warranty.

Their staff, which includes arborists, horticulturists, and designers, is always willing to help you understand what is going on with your yard, what the plants you buy could mean, and can even help you with design aspects. Plants in pots are an option for people who don’t like to dig into their yard, but want some pops of color. They are easy to move indoors when the weather turns.

5. Gary’s Greenhouse

Credit: Gary Greenhouse
Credit: Gary’s Greenhouse

Chock full of fun events like pumpkin carving contests, Gary’s Greenhouse is another great destination in the Indianapolis area. According to the website, “Gary Greenhouse specializes in high quality hanging  baskets, unique combo planters,  bedding plants, vegetable plants, and perennials. We also carry shrubs, bushes, aquatic plants and fish.”

This third generation business definitely offers some of the best hanging baskets in the area, so if you want something that will just add color to your porch, this is a great place.

Check out their Facebook page as well!

6. Habig Garden Shop

Credit: Habig Garden
Credit: Habig Garden

There are quite a few Habig Garden Shop locations all over Indianapolis, so no matter where you are, one will be

worth your drive. They have a ton of eclectic decorations and home inspired garden creations to help bring the outside in and the inside out.

Every location is filled with knowledgeable staff members that are willing to help you figure things out, find something interesting for your yard, and basically just make your yard the most interesting one on the block.

7. Heidenreich Greenhouse

Credit: Heidenreich
Credit: Heidenreich

Supporting small businesses is important to us, but we don’t do it unless we really believe in them. Heidenreich Greenhouse is one of those small businesses that we really believe in. Extremely friendly, they are always willing to go out of their way to help customers, including with little things like lining your car when taking home plants to helping you load into your car.

Make sure to take a walk through their wide variety of plants, as they always seem to have something new.

8. Jones Greenhouse

Credit: Jones
Credit: Jones

Jones Greenhouse has been growing plants in the Indianapolis area for over 80 years, and that really shows in the

care they take for their plants and trees. They have a ton of different types of plants year round, including Christmas trees and summer flowers.

Make sure to check out their social media accounts, because they are extremely interactive there. They also offer special coupons from time to time on their Facebook page.

Take Care of it with Menchhofer Tree Care

Menchhofer Tree Care can help you protect your yard and garden year round. We help to keep your trees – young and old – in shape and strong. Aside from the traditional pruning and trimming of trees, we also have stump grinding, tree fertilization, and insect control.

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