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7 Best Pond Companies in Indianapolis

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If you truly want a backyard that is special and stands out in the crowd, there is no better way to set yourself apart than by adding an absolutely gorgeous pond to the mix. Ponds are important pieces of the outdoor puzzle because they add things that nothing else can. They bring animals into your yard, add another layer of sound, allow you to have different kinds of plants, and they are all natural, which means that if you want, you can set up the pond so that it looks natural.

Now, ponds are also a little tricky. If you want, you can try to create one on your own. However, you’ll probably end up with a mosquito breeding ground and a lot of algae. In order to get a pond that is memorable for the right reasons, you’ll want to contact a professional. We suggest these Indianapolis pond companies:

1. Cool Ponds

Credit: Cool Ponds
Credit: Cool Ponds

Cool Ponds is a company that focuses on creating absolutely gorgeous ponds that will last a long time. They don’t really do the cooking cutter molds. Instead, they try to build charming ponds that are unique and special. From creating something that is simplistic and easy to take care of to something a little bolder, they really do run the gamut there. Their team is extremely knowledgeable and will walk you through every step of the profess. Even better, they will be there for you when you have any questions after the installation is finished.

They will also build pondless waterfalls, which is one of the safest ways to add a water feature to your yard if you have children or pets that you don’t want to have to worry about falling into the water.

2. Aquatic Designs & Supplies Inc.

If you have a very specific budget that you need to stick to, there is no place better than Aquatic Designs & Supplies

Credit: Aquatic Designs
Credit: Aquatic Designs

Inc. They are committed to bringing beautiful ponds into as many yards as possible, so they are willing to work with people who have all kinds of ideas and budgets.

They are selective in the materials that they use and how they build each pond. Their team has 20 years of experience, so they know what they are doing. Even better, they have a ton of supplies and materials at their store so that you never have to worry about ordering out to fix or enhance your pond in the future.

Most importantly, Aquatic Designs & Suppliers works for the customers, not the big name brands.

3. Backyard Blessings

Backyard Blessings is a company that understands that you need to be hyperfocused on the little details. You can’t

Credit: Blessings
Credit: Backyard Blessings

have a beautiful pond if it doesn’t work and you can’t have a successful project if your team isn’t trained. That is why they take everything so seriously, they understand that this is an investment and it deserves to be treated as such.

When you call them, they will immediately start to listen to and talk to you about every little detail. This is how they ensure that you know what they are doing before they even break ground.

This is the best company to go with if you want something truly special or if you don’t know all that much about ponds just yet because they are here to help you.

4. ASAP Aquatics

Credit: ASAP Aquatics
Credit: ASAP Aquatics

Once you have a pond, you’ll know that even if you do go with the best companies to install it, you’ll still have problems. That is where ASAP Aquatics comes in to save the day. Their team is trained to deal with some of the most common problems that you’ll see with a pond – weed control and algae. They are also highly trained to troubleshoot and problem solve other issues that might not be as common.

Not only that, but they have tons of insight into proper maintenance methods, fish care, and even fountain problems. They will work with you to create a routine that will prevent problems from returning again and again.

Definitely give them a call before jumping into a problem blind because they’ll save you time, money, and effort.

5. Premium Pond Designs

Credit: PPC
Credit: PPD

Premium Pond Designs  uses only the best of the best products to help you get the pond of your dreams. They work with companies to get the right parts that will give you the desired look,  no matter what that look is. They work with some companies that other people around here don’t, including: “Otterbine®, OASE® Pumps, Aqua Master, Air-O-Lator, Wesco, RainJet, Hall, SePRO, Applied Biochemist, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Ecological Laboratories” and others.

Even more importantly, their team is highly trained in many different kinds of installation methods and designing styles. If you want something that they don’t really understand or know how to do, they will work on the research until they do.

6. Aquatic Services of Indiana

Aquatic Services
Aquatic Services

Aquatic Services of Indiana is another company that treats ponds and lakes for things like weeds, duckweed, cattails,

algae, and other problems that typically face larger ponds. They want to help you keep your water clear, clean, and safe to be around. This will help fountains run better and will encourage a healthy ecosystem for plants and animals.

The team here will also install and repair ponds, fountains, and lakes that have structural issues, electricity problems, or any other issue that can be fixed. All of their service work is guaranteed.

7. Hoosier Aquatic Services

Credit: Hoosier
Credit: Hoosier

Hoosier Aquatic Services is the last, but certainly not the least company on our list. Their dedication to the pond industry is incomparable and their work ethic is superior. However, where they excel isn’t necessarily ponds – while those are definitely still up there. The fountain work at Hoosier Aquatic Services is what really pushes them to the top of the list.

Fountains can be really tricky, but they can also be what sets your backyard apart from any other. If a fountain is something that you absolutely need in your pond, give this team a call.


Stick with Menchhofer for Your Tree Care Needs

Menchhofer Tree Care might not be able to install ponds, but we can be an integral part of your pond maintenance program. Trees tend to drop debris into ponds, which can really get them out of whack when it comes to algae levels. Instead of trying to fight the problem over and over again, it might be best to fight the cause. Our team will prune around ponds and lakes so that you don’t have as much debris falling into the water.

We can also help you get ready for the pond by removing trees and grinding down stumps that will get in the way or create problems later on. Give us a call and we can give you a free estimate and set up a time to get the work done before your other contractors get there.

Header photo courtesy of Aqua Mechanical on Flickr!

Menchhofer Tree Care

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  1. I reached out to Aquatic Services of Indiana when my pond started growing all sorts of strange weeds and they sent a guy out and had it treated the same week. I now have them coming by twice a month and my pond looks perfect year round!

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