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9 Christmas Decor Destinations in Indianapolis



No matter what else is going on in your life, there is nothing quite as magical as Christmas. In Indianapolis, we know how to celebrate Christmas the right way – we focus on family, we focus on togetherness, and we really know how to put together a Christmas lights display.

If you are looking to get into the festive spirit, make sure that you add these displays to your checklist:

1. Washington Park Festival of Lights

Credit: Washington Park
Credit: Washington Park

The Washington Park Festival of Lights is a traditional celebration of the holiday with some whimsical touches, making it great for families that span generations. It highlights the importance of family and togetherness while also highlighting what makes Hoosiers who we are.

This event has become increasingly technological, going from something with a few strings of lights to now having beautiful graphics, like elves shooting gifts and candy out of cannons into the crowd.

2. Santa Claus Land of Light

Santa Claus Land of Lights is a beloved destination for families of all ages, especially those that have younger

Credit: Santa Claus Land
Credit: Santa Claus Land

children who still believe in the magic of the season. This amazing display is one of the best in the country, and it is very, very unique.

It is the ONLY light show in all of North America that tells a story using lights and storyboards – and it is in Indianapolis.

This is a very colorful display and you will be close to the lights, so you might want to bring sunglasses for the younger kids who may have trouble at certain spots. Still, it is one of the very best you will go to for a long time.

3. City of Elwood

Credit: City of Elwood
Credit: City of Elwood

If you are looking for something that is a little different and unique, consider heading over to the City of Elwood, where you will see something you won’t find anywhere else. Downtown Elwood is completely decked out in color-coded lights. It is a technical masterpiece that still looks simplistic enough that your eyes won’t be overwhelmed.

Give yourself time to really look around – there are hidden treasures and “Easter Eggs” hidden throughout the display.

Of course, if you are lucky you might even see the man in red himself hanging out and walking about town.

4. Pleasant Grove Farm Light Show

Credit: Pleasant Grove
Credit: Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove Farm is one of the best destinations for just about every season, and Christmas is not different. For

the last decade or so, this little farm has been working hard on a light display that will take your breath away.

This year, they have two special shows: The Christmas Show November 24 – December 26 5PM until 12PM and then the Patriotic Show December 27 through January 2, 2017, from 5PM until 12PM.

This display is set to music and gets bigger and better each and every year.

5. Reynold’s Light Show

Credit: Reynold's
Credit: Reynold’s

Reynold’s Light Show is a bit of a different option for people looking for a light show in Indianapolis. It is a local farm equipment store that works for months and months to organize and develop a light show for residents.

This year, Santa and Mrs. Claus join in on the fun and add an extra layer of magic for children. Of course, there are the whimsical and kitschy lights that also add to the overall enjoyment. They really do know how to mix the classic holiday decor with something a little more fun and modern in the best possible way.

6. Charlestown’s Christmas City

Charlestown Christmas City is a train that looks like a combination of Christmases of the past, Christmases of the

Credit: Charlestown
Credit: Charlestown

future, and your child’s favorite fairytale. It is so special and beautiful that it will take your breath away.

Not only that, this is a destination that you can spend hours and hours in – along with the train rides and lights, you will be able to play mini golf, go ice skating, enjoy carriage rides, and of course eat.

Make sure to give yourself a few hours to really enjoy this.

7. Winterland Holiday Light Show

Credit: Winterland
Credit: Winterland

The Winterland Holiday Light Show in Danville is a great way for families with younger children to enjoy lights – or for the elderly who might not be able to get out and walk around. You can experience all of the lights from inside of your car in the warmth and you won’t miss anything.

Make sure to take your time because you will be driving very slowly.

If driving at night isn’t something you like to do, there is also plenty to see during the day.

8. Sharpsville Lights

Credit: Sharpsville
Credit: Sharpsville

Each year, the Sharpsville Lights display gets bigger and better with many, many more people coming. It doesn’t only have lights and Santa, it has HUGE teddy bears, funny penguins, and characters that your children know and love. It even has candy cane pinwheels to take home, which many children love.

There is really a family feeling to the Sharpsville Lights display, and everything is slowed down just a little bit so that younger children can really enjoy themselves. This includes the interactions with Santa.

Once again, make sure you set aside some time to stay here, because you will take a longer time to make your way through everything.

9. City of Lights

Credit: Kokomo
Credit: Kokomo

The City of Lights displayed by Kokomo Parks & Recreation is one of the most creative and unique places you’ll find in Indiana.

This is a drive-through light show that is set up in Kokomo’s Highland Park, meaning everything is extremely well taken care of and everything is streamlined. You don’t have to worry about too much confusion – they’ve been doing this for a while so it is a well-oiled machine.

Even if you’ve already been here, make sure to come back, as they change it up every year.

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