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Our team at Menchhofer Tree Care is standing by to assist you in your Danville, IN tree service needs. Whether you need tree removal, tree trimming & tree pruning, insect/disease control, or more, we strive to be the first company you call in Danville.

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Menchhofer Tree Care offers 100% free estimates on all jobs. We go above-and-beyond to ensure the residents in Danville – our neighbors, friends, and family – think of Menchhofer Tree Care first whenever a need for tree service arises.

Menchhofer Tree Service in Danville, IN 46122

Contact our office at (317) 661-4240 for your free estimate. Or, simply enter your request in the form above, and one of us at Menchhofer Tree Care will be in touch with you ASAP.

Other Services Offered

Stump Grinding – Offering both grinding & removal of tree stumps in Danville, IN.

Risk Assessment – Preemptively ensure your property’s safety before a dangerous storm comes through.

Cabling & Bracing – Do you have a damaged tree, or one you fear may fail soon? This service can help support & stabilize trees prone to disease or decay.

Landscape Installation – Achieve a beautifully landscaped property for your home or business in Danville, IN.

Property Maintenance & Lawn Care – Regularly scheduled lawn & property maintenance provided by Menchhofer Tree Care

Snow Removal – Professional snow removal in the Indianapolis area, including Danville, IN.

Tree Fertilization – Ensure the healthy growth of your trees.

Call (317) 661-4240 and receive a Free Estimate on all requested tree work.

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