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Furnace Inspection in Indianapolis



By now, you can probably feel it in your toes and see it on your car when you wake up in the morning: we are in the beginning stages of winter and it is only going to get colder. When the bad weather hits, it almost always seems like something is going to go wrong. In fact, winter is the time when heating professionals are the busiest. Why? Well, we don’t use our heating systems during the warmer months, and it is only when they really start to work do we see problems.

In fact, sometimes it can take a few weeks for something even show up – usually at the worst time. Your best bet is to keep a number on your cell phone and with your other emergency gear so that when your heater really has to work – like in the middle of a really bad storm – and something goes wrong, you don’t have to go searching for the number.

Take a look at some of these companies and jot their numbers down:

1. Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning

The team at Thiele Heating & Air Conditioning has over 125 years of experience in Central Indiana heating. Over that

Credit: Thiele

time, they have cultivated a beautiful relationship with the homeowners and businesses here. With unparalleled customer service and an eye for details, their team is hard to beat.

Every week, the technicians here receive education on the newest breakthroughs in techniques and technology updates. They even get updated training on older equipment, so every house can be serviced by them.

If you have a problem, someone from the team will look at your system and advise what is best for you – and then you can make an educated decision.

2. Plumbing and Heating Paramedics

Credit: PHP

If you are looking to make your heating system more efficient because you want to save money on your monthly bills or because you want to help the environment, you should consider giving Plumbing and Heating Paramedics a call. Their team will work with you to lower your energy usage and monthly costs. This could be due to a new system that they install or because of their maintenance program.

Each person on their team is educated, certified, licensed, and insured in HVAC systems.

As an added bonus, they can also educate you about any tax credits that you might be eligible for due to your new system.

3. Broad Ripple Heating and Air Conditioning

For furnace servicing and maintenance, Broad Ripple Heating and Air Conditioning is a fantastic company to call.

Credit: Broad Ripple

The local Indianapolis company has perfected the art of the heating system servicing with their 23-point furnace Precision Tune-up. All of their workers are NATE-certified and have gone through rigorous training. Even better, they aren’t afraid to ask questions and collaborate with each other on your problems.

If you haven’t had your system inspected in some time and you need a full service, this is definitely one of the companies to consider. It is also a great company to call if you are considering selling your home or buying a home but aren’t sure of the integrity of the heating system.

4. Action Air

Credit: Action Air

Action Air is a company that you can trust – their hiring standards are some of the strictest in the business, and it pays off for them. Their crew is educated, responsible, and personable, ensuring that you can form a relationship and have a productive meeting.

Each session has a specific schedule that they need to follow so that you can be comfortable and they cover everything – from putting on shoe covers to keep your home clean to having the utmost respect of your home inside and out, they will leave everything just as they found it.

Once their work is done, they review it so that you can ask any questions you may have or make any comments about the work. They will show you how their system works and walk you through anything you need to do.

5. Williams Comfort Air

Credit: Williams

All of their technicians are extremely well-educated, insured, and bonded. They guarantee their workmanship, services, and materials in writing – what more could you ask for?

As a bonus, go to their website and book for a discount.

If you are looking for same day service at any time of the day and any day of the year, Williams Comfort Air is a fantastic option. They’ve been serving Indianapolis families for over 46 years. If you are looking for ” fast, on-time, skilled air conditioning and furnace installation and repair, 24/7 with NO overtime charges,” this is the company to go with.

6. Peterman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

Credit: Peterman

The team at Peterman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing knows that your home is your investment and you have to take care of it appropriately. This is why they have a fantastic maintenance program that will enable your heating system to run at peak performance.


During a scheduled tune-up, their “NATE certified technicians will run a number of diagnostic tests on your unit along with clean the unit thoroughly.” Any problems they find will be noted and they will then discuss the problem with you before continuing on to actually fix it.

If you want a maintenance agreement that you can just forget about, you can also sign up for their program so that they will reach out to you to schedule your appointments so you can reduce your worry.

7. HomeSense Heating and Cooling

The team at HomeSense has the desire to instill trust in the relationship between heating professional and family.

Credit: HomeSense

Their team works to create a relationship that is formed on mutual appreciation, time, trust, and quality work. That’s it. In fact, they are quite adamant that they don’t use the jingles or gimmicks that some companies use. Instead, they rely on word of mouth. If you look online, you will see that.

If you are experiencing an emergency heating situation in Indianapolis, they will be there to help you as soon as they can. Each repair they do is guaranteed and they will work with you to get the best possible solution – whether that means a repair “for now” or an entire new system.

Keep Another Number In Case of Emergencies

Another problem that pops up when bad weather hits? Trees and limbs tend to fall. In fact, trees might be in even more danger in the winter than they are in the summer. Ice and snow can weigh down branches and entire trees, making them extremely dangerous. If you have a tree or a limb that has fallen, you have to be extremely careful – especially if there are any downed power lines.

Keep our phone number, (317) 661-4240, in your phone and on your refrigerator as well. If something goes wrong, don’t be afraid to give us a call and we will be over as soon as we can. Our team will handle the situation quickly and efficiently, allowing you to stay inside in the warmth.

If you have any other tree-related needs, you can give us a call for that as well.

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Steve Menchhofer has been caring for the trees of the Indianapolis, Indiana metro area for over 40 years. Steve and his team of experienced, certified arborists are members of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Indiana Arborist Association.

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