September 29

How to Properly Mulch Trees

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Mulching around your plants and trees is something that is both functional and decorative for the health and beauty of your yard.

Mulch is an organic material that you spread on top of the soil surface to protect the roots of the trees from cold, heat, drought, infestations. The mulch also provides nutrients to the roots as it start to decompose.

The Morton Arboretum has a great article on the best types of mulch for your trees – take a look! Once you have chosen the right mulch for your plants, then you can start with the mulching process, creating a stable and health environment for your roots.

Steps to Effectively Mulching Trees:

Step 1: If you have any old mulch that is piled up around the trees or scattered out to the edges, you should carefully remove all of it with a shovel.

Step 2: Using bypass loppers, cut out any of the drip irrigation tubing that you can find on the top of the root ball.

Step 3: Use a compress air tool to forcibly remove any of the remaining mulch or soil to expose the root, this will allow you to get the most benefit from your mulch.

Step 4: Using hand pruners, cut away any errant roots that are growing upwards.

Step 5: Fill the void that you created with topsoil, but make sure that you aren’t covering the primary root flare.

Step 6: Keeping away from the trunk, spread about two inches of mulch, making an even coating.

Tips for Mulching:

  • Mulch doesn’t only work for trees – spread it under shrubs, throughout planting beds, and even to just cover areas of dirt that don’t have anything.
  • Pull the mulch away from the trunk of the trees or shrubs. Piling mulch up against the tree can create a moist haven for pests, diseases, and different types of decay.
  • Your mulched area should extend about 4-5 feet around the area of the trunk and extend well beyond the drip line of the branches.
  • Check your mulch in the spring to see if replenishment is necessary.
  • The more you mulch, the better!

At our Indy Tree Service, we have mulching services that will allow you to turn your stumps into fresh mulch. We also offer a variety of other services to make your landscaping look absolutely beautiful. Contact us today!

Photo Courtesy of Brian M. on Flickr!

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