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At Menchhofer Tree Care, our insect and disease control service in Indianapolis, IN is different from what you may be used to. Unlike other companies, we do not spray for insects. Our experience has shown that spraying is an inefficient means of controlling insects, as only 10 percent of the spray actually gets onto the insects and trees, the rest getting into your yard, soil, and groundwater.

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The dangers of pests and disease

insect-disease-tree-control-indyAccording to the Morton Arboretum, insects and disease represent the greatest challenges to maintaining the health of trees across the community. Unfortunately, invasive species are often at the heart of the most severe problems. In Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding area, the Emerald Ash Borer is particularly harmful. This beetle attacks Ash trees, and once infected these trees have a 100 percent mortality rate. This species of beetle has no natural predators, and is expected to continue to spread unchecked across the country.

When to treat your trees

Timing can be an important consideration for when to treat your trees against pests and disease, depending on what you’re guarding against. For example, webworms have been very common throughout the Indianapolis, IN area over the last few years. It’s best to treat against bugs such as these in May or early June, but you should also treat immediately if you begin noticing signs of infection or disease. If you contact us soon enough, we may be able to save your trees and protect them from further damage.

Menchhofer Tree Care’s unique insect and disease control solution for Indianapolis, IN

Unlike other tree care companies, Menchhofer Tree Care does not use inefficient methods such as spraying. Instead, we use a technology known as micro-injection to protect your trees from pests and disease. This process applies the chemicals directly into the tree’s vascular system. This ensures that only the insects who attempt to feed on the tree will be affected, and prevents the chemicals from spreading environmentally to other plants and the water supply. Not only that, but unlike other treatment options our Tree-Age treatment solution can help to protect your trees for up to two years in a single application.