​​​​Landscape Installation in Indianapolis

landscaping Indianapolis

Landscaping in Indianapolis

Menchhofer Tree Care offers residential landscape installation in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding area. We have helped many homeowners achieve a beautiful landscaped property. Whether you are starting from scratch or hoping to have your existing landscaping redesigned, our professionals are ready to help.

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Planning Your Landscape Installation

landscape installation Indianapolis

Landscape installation in Indianapolis

Your outdoor living space is more than just beautiful scenery; it should be a place for your family to live and thrive with you. Having a well-landscaped outdoor space can help improve the health and well-being of your family. Studies have shown that spending time outside around plants and trees can help improve concentration, work quality, and memory retention.

Developing a plan for your landscape installation in Indianapolis is an important part of the process, and should not be overlooked. Our professionals will inventory the plants and trees already present at your home, and consider other topics like topography, soil quality, drainage, and local sunlight conditions before installing new plants and landscaping.

We Do Landscaping

While planning your Indianapolis landscaping project, there are a number of things that should be considered:

  • The nature of the space you are using
  • Your theme or style
  • Proper designation and linking of activity areas
  • Resource protection
  • Transition areas and focal points
  • Small details such as color, texture, and materials

Our professionals do more than simply landscape your home and property, we offer complete landscape renovations. Menchhofer Tree Care in Indianapolis has experience redesigning the landscaping of homes throughout the Indy area. We also offer services such as seeding and lawn repair. All of the plants and trees that we provide undergo careful inspection by our arborists to ensure that they are completely healthy and of the highest quality.

Simply planting a tree wherever you feel like is a recipe for disaster. Our arborists will help you plant the right tree in the right place to ensure it survives, thrives, and provides shade and beauty for decades to come.

We will help you plan your landscaping from start to finish; advising you of the best areas for certain plan installations, as well as advising you on how best to establish and care for your new landscape.

we don't just cut trees, we know trees.

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Related Services

Menchhofer Tree Care offers several tree and landscaping services in the Indy metro area to businesses and homeowners.

  • Tree Removal — When it's time to remove a tree, be sure to call the professionals. We will safely and efficiently cut down your tree and clean up the debris.
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning — It may not be necessary to completely remove a tree.  Often, the rest of a tree can be left in place once its dead or dangerous limbs are removed.
  • Snow Removal — We remove snow during the winter months for homes and businesses in Indianapolis.