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New Ways to Add Trees To Your Yard



When we first buy our homes, we imagine what they will look like once we get down to business and actually do some landscaping or some hardscaping. And then we never do it. or it gets away from us – or we do it for a few summers and then we stop. That’s life and it might seem like it is difficult to get back to it all.

But you can, and you must, if you want to enjoy your outdoor space again.

No matter what type of tree you want to add to your yard – one that is small and provides you with fruit or a tall, elegant tree that can provide protection and privacy – you do not have to give up your dreams.

What do you need to think about before you decide on a tree? You have to know the function of the tree (we will get to those in a bit) and you have to think about your own upkeep. What do you want to do with your garden and lawn? Do you want to have upkeep that is regular or do you want to let them be?

Want to start dreaming that yard you’ve always dreamt of? Here are four landscape design choices to consider when adding a tree:

4. Trees impact your home’s worth.

curb appeal
Credit: Brian Gautreau
  • Trees take a long time to grow (and they aren’t always beautiful at first), so make sure to give them some time to grow
  • Consider trees that are particularly beautiful for the curb appeal
  • Do not go overboard – too many trees can impact home’s worth in a negative way

If you have a beautiful fully grown, healthy tree that has been taken care of by tree experts, you might be able to add as much as $10,000 in value to your home, according to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers. If you want to sell your home in the future (and many of us do), you want to keep in mind that trees help the most when they aren’t old, but have reached their fully grown size. This is because trees that are old signal added costs into the future, but younger trees sometimes aren’t as beautiful to look at.

You do have to think about the type of people who may buy your house into the future. If you have a home that has many bedrooms, planting a tree that requires work might not be a bad idea, but if you have a ranch home that has only one bedroom, you might not want trees that require too much work.

3. Help build outdoor space you want to be in.

Credit: Rosemarie
  • Get more privacy in your yard.
  • Replaces “she sheds” or “man caves”
  • Expands your living space.

Some people don’t like to spend time outside because they just feel like they are on display or that they are too exposed to their neighbors. If you play your cards right, however, you might be able to build an outdoor space that protects you from view. By planting trees in a particular pattern, you can get more living space.

According to Better Homes and Gardens: “If you don’t want to work on making your entire yard a private paradise, take one corner and transform it into a secluded getaway. A simple way to do this is to carefully place a couple of trees to form a pocket. Here, for example, two pines make a hammock feel tucked away. A redbud just behind the hammock enhances the effect.”

2. Take a look at your yard shape before planning too much.

Credit: US Fish & Wildlife
  • Consider getting professional landscaping design to have the best result
  • Consider plants, sidewalks, water features – and trees of course
  • Remember you have to perform lawn work around your trees

If you are planting a tree, you know that it will be part of a bigger plan for your yards. You have to think about that tree and how it will fit into the ecosystem of your yard. Most people will plant trees in the front yard for safety and protection but that might not always be the best location. Lifehacker suggests looking at your area from an aerial view to actually plan out the form, features, and extent of your design. You will be able to think about where to put the tree without the added pressure of having to make one final decision.

If you want, you can even do some groundwork to tape or spray paint out the shape and systems of the tree on the ground so you can get a better look.

1. Look through a window.

Credit: Wolfgang Wildner
  • We spend more time looking out than in
  • You want to think about safety
  • Can determine planting location as well

One of the biggest landscaping mistakes? HGTV claims that it is the fact that we don’t think about how our gardens and landscaping will look from the inside looking out. Whether it is a rainy day or you don’t feel well, we tend to spend more time looking through a window, so that view needs to be one that you love.

Stand inside your home and look out your favorite windows and determine how you think a tree will impact that view. What do you now see that you no longer wish to see? What must you see to feel comfortable in your home? You will need to address these questions before you even determine the type of tree that you want there. Remember that trees grow and even if you can see something now, you might not be able to in a few years.

Contact Menchhofer Tree Care for all of your tree care needs – we can help you at any stage of the tree process, from planting and taking care of your tree to pruning and cutting it down – and of course, watering your trees. If you are having trouble making mulching decisions, we can also be there to help you with laying mulch, finding the right mulch for you, and even cleaning up if the mulch doesn’t work.

Call us today at 317-661-4240.

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