​​​​Property Maintenance & Lawn Care Indianapolis, IN

Along with the many other services we offer, Menchhofer Tree Care also offers property maintenance and lawn care to Indianapolis, IN residents and businesses. Maintaining a regular schedule of maintenance practices is essential to the health of your lawn and landscaping plants and trees.

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    Why is regular lawn care important?

    lawn-maintenance-indianapolisProper mowing practices are essential to the density and quality of your lawn. Maintaining proper mowing practices is sadly something that is often overlooked by both businesses and homeowners, resulting in lawns that are unable to reach their full potential. A well cared-for lawn that is thick and vigorous is the best way to prevent weeds from invading your lawn. It also provides defense against insects such as the hairy chinch bug, grubs, sod webworms, and more. These pests can cause damage to your lawn, trees, and landscaping plants.

    Why hire professionals?

    Most individuals are not aware of the proper procedures when mowing or caring for their lawn. It is important to avoid cutting grass too short, as this can make the root system of your grass very shallow. This leaves your lawn more susceptible to drought stress. In addition, cutting your lawn too short encourages weed invasion.

    Conversely, failing to mow often enough can encourage the development of thatch, a layer of organic matter that builds up between the lawn and soil. Too much thatch in your lawn can restrict the growth of your grass roots, leaving your lawn susceptible to drought. Additionally, thatch is known to harbor disease and insects that can be harmful to your landscaping trees and plants.

    Why choose Menchhofer Tree Care for property maintenance and lawn care services in Indianapolis, IN?

    We have 35 years of experience caring for lawns and Indianapolis landscape installation throughout the city, and are familiar with the unique challenges that this area presents. We have the equipment and knowledge to take care of your property properly and efficiently. Our professionals are aware of the correct length for your lawn and will set up a schedule that will work with your needs in order to ensure that you have the most beautiful property landscaping and lawn that is possible.