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Should I Deep Water My Trees? 4 Things to Consider



Lately, there has been a tree-care fad that so many of us have heard about – deep watering trees. This is a trend because it allows you to truly water your tree in the best and most effective way. But, there are some drawbacks that you need to know about as well.

Thinking about deep watering your trees? Here are some things to consider:

4. How Deep the Water Goes

watering the garden
Credit: nicgep114
  • Make sure to water near the base of the plant
  • 12″ to 18″ deep for watering, depending on the plant
  • Some plants may not require it that deep, some require much deeper – each plant is different

When you water your plants routinely, you most likely use your hose to sprinkle some water into the leaves of your plants and then onto the soil around the plants. Nonetheless, many plants don’t have leaves or stems that are able to soak up the water. Instead, it needs to make its method right into the ground and ultimately get to the root system.

The trouble is that, when it is hot outside, the water evaporates nearly promptly and also ends up not reaching the plants. According to Slate, this is why lots of plants, as well as trees, still whither away even if you have watered them on a regular basis. It is additionally why people think they are overwatering their plants.

The fact is that they aren’t sprinkling them correctly. Deep watering goes further into the ground to make sure that the roots, the parts that do all of the work, obtain the water.

3. Trees & Shrubs Must Be Watered Deeply

Credit: Kkinwart
  • Tree branches tend to go deep
  • They will certainly additionally spread out far and wide around the tree
  • Trees are one of the most at risk in a dry spell

It is very important to water your trees and shrubs. You have to water at the soil as well – the Morton Arboretum says: ” There is no way to look at the soil from above and tell how much moisture is in it. Dry soils can cause the death of small roots and reduce a tree’s capacity to absorb water, even after the soil is re-moistened. Drought stress can increase a tree’s susceptibility to certain diseases and insects. To check the soil’s moisture, use either a hand trowel,  a soil probe, or place your finger into the soil (low-cost soil moisture meters are not very accurate). Very dry soil will resist penetration and indicate the need for watering.”

This is why it is so important to deep water your trees and hedges from the soil on up. These are several of one of the most susceptible components of your lawn and they also have the tendency to be the hardest to water. They are most likely the ones that need the most water also, due to the fact that their deep roots usually do not obtain the water that you do make use of – it will likely evaporate and go to weeds with shallow roots. Throughout the hottest component of the summer, they are particularly at risk for underwatering due to evaporation.

You don’t want to entirely saturate the ground so that the dirt begins to shift or slide around, however you do want to do some deep watering so that everything gets what it needs.

2. Use a Soaker Hose For Easier, Better Watering

soaker hose
Credit: Greg Pye
  • Great for individuals who typically aren’t home for stretches of time
  • You can make this by yourself
  • Do not over water with this system

Do not want to be out in the hot sunlight for hours at a time to water your plant? You aren’t alone, and that is why there are many options for ways to water your gardens and lawn that do not require you to stand outside for too long. If this sounds like you, you might want to buy a soaker tube or soaker system to your garden. This is a better approach than a sprinkler system because it uses less water and is easier to install.

A soaker pipe is merely an add-on to your traditional yard hose pipe. This attachment has openings periodically, holes that are smaller than a tube opening, however still huge sufficient to allow out water. As soon as you place this into your hose, you could after that wind it with your gardens and place it where you need it to be. This works very well, yet, the DIY Network has a solution where you can build your own soaker hose so that you can get precise control of your watering.

1. It Won’t Work for All Plants

Credit: Michael McCauslin
  • Deep watering will not work for plants with shallower roots
  • The majority of plants will not be harmed by it either
  • Valuable for annuals and bigger plants that might not need soaking watering

One typical mistake that individuals make is that they think that deep watering will certainly work for all of the plants that they have in their yards or gardens and this isn’t really true. As a matter of fact, perennials and many vegetable plants do not need deep watering because they do not have roots that go down deep into the ground, according to Gardeners. Instead, their roots stay nearer to the surface of the ground. You will certainly want to invest some of your time into buying a hose that will get the job done, but your typical watering will work here. Actually, the best approach here is to hand water your perennials as well as vegetables to make sure that you know precisely how much water they are getting at any given time.

As always, you want to look at your plants to see if there are indicators of over watering or under watering.

Have some watering or irrigation jobs that you don’t think you have the right tools for – either physical tools to water your trees or you still don’t feel confident in your own abilities? It is is important not to try to take care of your trees by yourself if you don’t know what you are doing. Contact Menchhofer Tree Care for all of your tree care needs – we can help you at any stage of the tree process, from planting and taking care of your tree to pruning and cutting it down – and of course, watering your trees.

Call us today at 317-661-4240.

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