​​​​Tree Fertilization Indianapolis, IN

At Menchhofer Tree Care, our goal is to help all of our Indianapolis, IN area customers have the healthiest, most beautiful trees they can. That is why we offer tree fertilization services to help your trees reach their full potential.

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    Why is tree fertilization necessary?

    tree fertilization indianapolisJust like the human body, all trees require adequate amounts of the right nutrients to thrive. Without them, trees will not grow properly, and are more susceptible to insects and diseases. According to the University of Minnesota, it is very important that all of your trees receive the proper amounts of:

    • Nitrogen
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Sulfur

    Other nutrients are also necessary in smaller amounts. At Menchhofer Tree Care, we use only the best fertilizers for your trees, and work carefully to ensure that your trees are receiving the perfect amount of minerals and nutrients in order to reach their full landscaping potential.

    My trees look healthy; do they still need fertilization?

    Just because a tree appears healthy doesn’t mean that it is receiving the correct amount of nutrients. We offer tree fertilization because urban and suburban environments create high-stress conditions that make it difficult for trees to reach their full potential. Soil compaction, low moisture availability, and other challenges can make it difficult for trees to grow properly. While no fertilization treatment can completely remove these stresses, it can help protect your trees.

    Why use Menchhofer Tree Care for tree fertilization in Indianapolis, IN?

    We are a professional tree care service with 35 years of experience. Our staff is well-trained to recognize and treat any problems you may encounter with your trees, and we care about making sure your trees reach their full potential. If you are concerned that your trees may not be receiving the proper amount of nutrients, we will be happy to come out and perform a soil test to determine what your yard may be lacking. Based on this information, we can find the correct fertilizer mix for your trees and ensure that it is applied properly and at the correct times throughout the year for the best results possible.

    Sometimes, a tree can grow too large. In these instances we like to us a tree growth regulator. Contact Menchhofer Tree Care for your free consultation.