​​​​Tree Growth Regulator Indianapolis, IN

Menchhofer Tree Care can help you maintain the shape and size of your trees with our tree growth regulator for Indianapolis, IN customers. We understand that when left untreated, trees can often grow too large for the urban space quickly. Regulating tree grown allows you to ensure that your landscaping remains manageable and healthy, and comes with a number of other benefits as well.

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The benefits of tree growth regulation

cambistatThe our Menchhofer Tree Care arborists understand that tree growth regulator treatments have a number of benefits beyond ensuring your trees remain appropriately sized for your space. According to Purdue University, these benefits include:

  • Greener leaves – trees that have been treated to control their grown often have leaves that are a much richer green than usual, suggesting a higher chlorophyll concentration.
  • Reduced water stress – a lower rate of tree shoots ensures that your trees will be better able to absorb water. Treatment also ensures that your trees will have physical barriers against moisture loss.
  • Protection from fungal disease – one of the secondary effects of being treated to reduce growth may mean that your trees are better protected from the fungal diseases known to be prevalent in urban areas, without ever needing services such as Indianapolis tree spraying.

In addition to these benefits, your trees will have a longer lifespan. Growth takes up much of your tree’s life energy; when the growth rate is slowed, your tree is able to put its energy into things such as root strength, energy and water storage, and defense.

Menchhofer Tree Care’s preferred tree growth regulator for Indianapolis, IN

Our arborists prefer to use a regulating agent known as Cambistat. This regulator can slow the growth of your trees by 60 percent over three years, allowing them to better survive in the urban environment. This is an excellent choice if you have trees that have been planted in a planter box or near patios and decks. It is also a good choice if you have trees near your house that you do not wish to eventually pose a hazard to your home. The urban environment is unnatural for your trees. Being treated with Cambistat can help them thrive.