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Our certified arborists at Menchhofer Tree Care offer tree pruning in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas. We follow ANSI A300 Pruning Standards closely, and strive to go the extra mile in customer satisfaction.

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On February 5, 2012, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, hosted its first Superbowl, where the New York Giants faced the New England Patriots. Cheering fans not only enjoyed the game, but they also took advantage of shaded hiking trails, botanical gardens, fishing, biking and horseback riding throughout the capital city’s two state parks: Fort Harrison and White River State Park.

Trees within these public parks require regular pruning to prevent hazardous conditions on the nature trails. It is just as important to trim limbs and branches of trees in the city’s urban forest. Menchhofer Tree Care continues the education of its employees to stay current on the best pruning, trimming and removal techniques.

Tree Stress Assessment

indianapolis tree pruningThe practice of tree pruning will undoubtedly cause tree stress; however, like humans, trees are able to handle a certain level of strain before they are adversely affected.

Menchhofer Tree Care’s arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and can accurately assess a tree’s stress level prior to trimming. Insects and furry critters can slowly damage a tree by feeding on leaves and bark.

Humans, however, are the primary cause of tree stress, according to the University of Massachusetts. Under or over watering, improper planting, and lawn mowers that knick roots will all wreak havoc on a tree. Tree care professionals will recommend restoring a tree’s health prior to tree pruning.

Trimming Not Topping

Tree topping is the practice of removing the top of the tree because a homeowner feels the tree has grown too large. Unlike with pruning, topping leaves large wounds from which pathogens may enter.

As the tree continues to grow, hazardous conditions may appear due to lack of support by lateral and terminal branches. Tree trimming allows homeowners to keep the shape of a tree neat and tidy, while preserving tree health.

Certified arborists understand the importance of pruning to lateral branches, angled cuts and tree structure. Menchhofer Tree Care boasts 35 years of knowledge, which allow employees to properly maintain an aesthetically appealing tree structure.

Vista Pruning

An alternative to tree topping is the practice of vista pruning. If a tree has grown large enough to block sun from entering a home window, tree service professionals are able to trim the tree to allow a view through the branches. This service is less stressful to the tree and allows for safe growth after pruning.

Located in Indianapolis, IN, Menchhofer Tree Care prides itself on maintaining tree health during trimming. Our certified arborists are standing by. Contact our office today for a consultation on maintaining the beauty of your landscape via tree pruning.