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Tree removal in Indianapolis is sometimes a necessary evil to preserve beautiful landscapes and plant health. Although certified arborists will try to save as many trees as possible, there are times when tree elimination is essential. Before tearing down the trees in the backyard, contact Menchhofer Tree Care for a professional consultation.

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Indianapolis, Indiana is home to the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument, which honors the common soldier. The city also boasts the largest children’s museum in the world. Hidden amongst these famous tourist attractions is the city’s urban forest.

Reasons for Tree Removal

tree removal in indianapolisThere are several reasons homeowners may elect to have a tree removed from their property. Tree death does not always indicated necessary removal; however, for aesthetic appeal, many landowners elect this tree care procedure.

Trees with lifeless branches can sometimes be pruned by a tree trimming arborist in Indianapolis in effort to save the majority of the tree. A certified arborist will take into account the risk of the tree or branches causing damage to people and property.

Property owners frequently contact tree service companies to remove undesirable species from the yard. Debris from trees, including excessive amounts of fallen leaves and inedible fruits, are enough to drive the owner to insanity.

A tree may also be considered an unwelcome landscape addition if it has weak wood that frequently cracks and breaks, causing potentially hazardous situations. Common unwanted tree species include Siberian elm, mulberry, silver maples and willows, according to the University of Maryland.


The average cost of a single tree removal typically falls between $500 and $1,000, according to Tree Removal, the largest tree removal resource on the Web.

Factors that influence pricing include the height of the tree, proximity to power lines and the tree’s health. A diseased or dying tree may require a more intensive removal process, which would be reflected in its service estimate. Menchhofer Tree Care will provide you with a professional quote for specific Indianapolis tree removal services.

Related Services

Tree removal and stump grinding often go hand in hand, although they are rarely quoted together. After the tree has been removed, many tree care professionals offer log-splitting services. For homeowners with fireplaces, this may be the cheapest way to obtain firewood. If large branches are removed, the client may request limb chipping, which is frequently more inexpensive than having the excess limbs removed from the property.

Dead and damaged trees are often an eyesore for homeowners. Menchhofer Tree Care of Indianapolis, IN, is dedicated to preserving landscaped beauty. Contact our office today for estimates, advice and tree removal services.