Tree Spraying & Chemical Application in Indianapolis, IN

As professional arborists, the professionals at Menchhofer Tree Care offer tree spraying and chemical applications in Indianapolis, IN as both preventive and curative practices when necessary. We understand the indicators that signal a tree is infected or at risk for pests and disease and understand the importance of treating when necessary.

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What are the categories of tree sprays?

tree spraying chemical application indianapolisAccording to the National Arborists, tree sprays can be divided into two broad and two general categories:

  • Preventative sprays – Menchhofer Tree Care arborists will use preventative tree sprays when they feel that a tree is particularly prone to an insect or disease. This will be applied just before the pest in question is expected to become active
  • Curative sprays – if we discover that a pest is already feeding on your trees, our arborists will apply a curative spray to prevent the insect from causing too much damage.
  • Targeted sprays – targeted sprays are made to control a specific disease or insect during certain points in the season. The timing of these sprays is particularly important.
  • Periodic sprays – these sprays are more generalized and will be applied on a regular schedule in order to protect your trees from pests and disease.

How do Menchhofer Tree Care arborists know when to offer tree spraying & chemical application in Indianapolis, IN?

Our professional arborists use various indicators in order to determine when chemical applications and tree sprays should be applied. In addition to paying careful attention to the bloom periods of flowering landscape plants, they will also pay attention to weather conditions, particularly temperature. These indicators let our professionals know when insects are expected to be most active, as well as when disease and fungi are most likely to begin spreading.

In addition to these indicators, our arborists are familiar with which tree varieties are most susceptible to the effects of disease and are more likely to be highly targeted by insects. Our Indianapolis property maintenance team can visit your property whenever it is convenient for you and advise you of which trees may benefit the most from preventative sprays in addition to looking for those that are in need of a cure.