​​​​Tree Risk Assessment in Indianapolis

tree damage cleanup Indianapolis

Tree damage cleanup in Indianapolis

At Menchhofer Tree Care, we offer tree risk assessments in Indianapolis, IN because we understand that when our trees get sick or die, it’s not only disappointing, it can be dangerous, as well. When a tree fails, it can fall or lose limbs, causing damage to cars and homes or even injuring passersby.

A tree risk assessment performed by one of our professional arborists can give you information about the long term prospects for your tree, how likely it is to fail, and most importantly, what you can do to save it.

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Tree Risk Assessments

tree risk assessment Indianapolis

Tree risk assessment in Indianapolis

Why do trees fail?

There are any number of reasons why trees might fail. Though they are strong and designed to withstand wind storms and winter weather, there are conditions that may cause a tree to fail even in the most ordinary of circumstances. A defective tree can only withstand a fraction of the weight they would be able to hold if they were sound. In addition, according to Purdue University, certain varieties of trees will be more prone to damage and decay than others.

What makes a tree hazardous?

There are a number of things that the Menchhofer Tree Care staff will look for when determining if a tree is hazardous or not. First of all, we need to consider the size, age, and variety of tree. We will also examine the proximity of the tree to houses, vehicles, walkways, and other targets that may be harmed if the tree were to fail. In most cases, we’ll ask you questions about whether or not the tree has been pruned or fertilized regularly. Finally, we will check the tree for any signs of disease and damage, examining from the roots all the way to the crown.

Why Menchhofer Tree Care?

We have over 40 of experience in tree care, and our staff is well trained in how to recognize potential hazards and issues with your trees. We will also be able to advise you of how best to care for and prevent healthy trees from becoming hazardous in the future. When a tree becomes hazardous, it’s not only a danger to your property and family; it could be a liability as well. If a tree branch or tree falls on a neighbor’s house, car, or causes injury to a passerby, you could very well be held responsible.

It’s best not to take chances: hire one of the most experienced tree care services in the area.

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​Professional Tree Services

Menchhofer Tree Care offers several tree services in the Indy metro area to businesses and homeowners who need a tree removed or protected.

  • Tree Removal — When it's time to remove a tree, be sure to call the professionals. We will safely and efficiently cut your tree down and clean up the debris.
  • Stump Removal — After a tree has been removed, most property owners want the tree's stump to be removed as well.  We will use our heavy duty stump grinder to efficiently get rid of the stump.
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning — It may not be necessary to completely remove your tree.  Often, the rest of a tree can be left in place once its dead or dangerous limbs are removed.
  • Cabling and Bracing — We may also be able to save your tree by applying a cable or brace to it.